Half Tonne Double Outlet Blast Machine

The "Low Boy".

Ideal for small industrial projects and blast room applications.

Easy loading and suitable for 2 operators.


  • Screen & Lid
  • Thompson II Valve
  • Brass Pot Couplings
  • 1-1/2" Auto Air Valve
  • Certified Pressure Relief Valve
  • 2 x 20m Deadman Control Lines
  • 2 x ECK Electric Deadman Triggers


  • 2 x Pneumatic Deadman Triggers


Useable Garnet Capacity: 500kg

Vessel Diameter: 940mm

Weight: 340kg

Length: 1100mm

Width: 1500mm

Height: 11200mm

Volume: 330 litres (11.8 cu ft)

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