Fatboy 450 Electric Blast Pot

  • Burwell Skid-Mounted Fatboy Blast Machine
  • Low height, high capacity, easy loading blast machine
  • Fitted with forklift slots for safety and convenience as standard
  • 450 kg capacity (75-80% of total internal volume)
  • Twin Outlet
  • Lid and Screen
  • Thompson II Abrasive Control Valves
  • Brass Pot Couplings
  • AAV Auto Air Valve
  • 1" Discharge Valve
  • 12V Electric Deadman System
  • 2 x 20 mtr Eelctric Deadman Control Line c/w Triggers
  • Dimensions: 1100mm L x 1070mm W x 1185mm H
  • Total Pot Volume: 330 ltr
  • Useable Pot Volume: 190 ltr
  • Useable Garnet Capacity: 450 kg

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