SS4 Soda Blaster

  • The environmentally friendly alternative
  • Great for delicate jobs
  • Efficient, user-friendly operation
  • Reliable, low maintenance
  • Australian design and manufacture
  • Suitable from workshop to heavy industrial use
  • Ultra efficient media usage (compared to competitors)
  • Ordering Details
    Part # Description
    0100-16487 SS4 Soda Blaster
  • Technical Details
    Soda Capacity 90kg Soda
    Included Extras Fine screen and lid
    STX Pneumatic remote control handle
    Hose Length 10 meter 3/4 hose length
    Minimum CFM Rating 75 CFM with Number 3 Nozzle @ 80 psi
    Nozzle Range Number 3 or 4 Venturi style nozzles
    Pressure Rating Maximum 125 psi
    Noise Rating 96 Decibels
    Dimensions Height: 1650mm, Width: 750mm, Depth: 850mm
    Weight 190Kg
    Options Water attachment, nozzles and hose lengths
    Soda Requirement Designed to run BUMP Soda ONLY
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