Burwell Problast Helmet Spares

  • Providing a range of spare parts for the Burwell Problast helmet
  • Ordering Details
    Part # Description
    0701-1000 Problast Shell Bare
    0701-1010 Problast Inner Dome
    0701-1020 Problast LH Ear Pad
    0701-1030 Problast RH Ear Pad
    0701-1040 Problast Rubber Window Seal
    0701-1050 Problast Face Sheild
    0701-1060 Problast Inner Lens (.75mm)
    0701-1070 Problast Outer Lens (.50mm)
    0701-8630 Problast Tear Off Lens (pack of 25)
    0701-1080 Problast Vinyl Cape, Complete
    0701-1090 Problast Leather Cape , Complete
    0701-1100 Problast Inner Cape
    0701-1110 Problast Breathing Tube
    0701-1120 Problast Air Control Valve including Belt
    0701-1130 Problast Cool Air Tube including Belt
    0701-1140 Problast Extra Padding Kit
    0701-1170 Problast Nipple 3/4 BSP Poly
    0701-2452 Problast Face Shield Latch
    0701-0190 Problast Filter Silencer
    0701-2280 Problast Air Control Valve ONLY
    0701-1190 Problast Belt (1.4m)
    0601-0242 3/8" Adaptor for Air Control Valve
  • Technical Details

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