912 Pressure Blast

  • Heavy duty cyclone pressure blast cabinet
  • Two cartridge, jet pulse dust collector
  • 900mm rubbrer lined cyclone reclaimer
  • Burwell 1532 blast pot (55L capacity)
  • Includes all hoses, interconnecting ducting, etc
  • Accommodates all abrasive media on the market today
  • Trolley, turntable and tracks available upon request
  • Pneumatic lift up door available upon request
  • Ordering Details
    Part # Description
    1203-9124 Pressure Blast Cabinet includes 2 Cartridge 1400 CFM Jet Pulse Dust Collector, 900mm Cyclone including Rubber Lining and Rubber Lined Elbows, 1532 Blast Pot, All Hoses, Interconnecting Ducting etc.
    1204-2330 Turntable, trolley and tracks (600mm diameter)
    1204-2313 Noise attenuator
    1204-2317 Pneumatic lift up door
  • Technical Details
    • Cabinet Work Area: 1115mm W x 900mm D x 700mm H
    • Cabinet Door Opening: 820mm D x 670mm H
    • Dust Collector: Two cartridge jet pulse dust collector 1600 cfm
    • Cyclone Reclaimer: 900mm rubber lined cyclone
    • Blast Pot: 1532 (55L capacity)
    • Power: 415 volt, three phase, 5.5 kW motor for dust collector
    • Power: 240 volt, single phase for cabinet light switch
    • Weight: 1 tonne
    • Options: Trolley, turntable and tracks (600mm diameter)
    • Options: Left hand side door opening
    • Options: Noise attenuator
    • Options: Pneumatic lift up door
    • Shipping Dimensions: 1/2 semi trailer
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