Jetwash 60 Degreasing System

Jetwash machines are built entirely from stainless steel, inside and out. The hot wash spray machine uses a hot water and environmentally-friendly detergent. A double-skin construction with 18mm injected cavity insulation provides maximum insulation to the hot water, resulting in extremely strong build rigidity.

The Jetwash has been designed to automatically perform washing and degreasing on a wide variation of components. The process has three easy steps: load the basket, close the lid and then press start.

The cycle is adjustable and resets automatically each time the lid is opened. The wash basket remains stationary while the spray boom revolves around it, ensuring that delicate components will not get damaged by movement.

  • 600mm diameter basket
  • 100% stainless steel construction
  • Insulated double-skin construction
  • Fully-automatic
  • Over 150 litres of water sprayed every minute
  • Water returns to the tank and is filtered to remove debris in the debris filter basket
  • Components flash dry in seconds
  • Numerous options (e.g. steam condenser, oil disk skimmer etc.)
  • Low water sensor

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