Thompson II Valve

  • The next-generation valve in the Thompson Valve line
  • Shuts off abrasive flow to the nozzle and seals the tank at the same instant
  • Ideal for multiple outlet use
  • Offers significant improvements over the original Thompson Valve designed to improve performance, make servicing easier and extend service life
  • Faster response, finer control
  • More sleeve choices available to accommodate a wider range of abrasives and applications
  • The abrasive airblast industry's choice for abrasive metering and control
  • Ordering Details
    Part # Description
    0302-2007 Thompson Valve II 1-1/4" complete with Tungsten Carbide Sleeve
    0305-5201 Knob
    0305-5212 Spring Retainer
    0305-5218 O-Ring
    0302-0302 Washer
    0305-5216 Cap Gasket
    0305-5225 Vibration Disc
    0305-5203 Spring
    0305-4904 Piston Seal
    0305-5205 Piston
    0305-5207 Tungsten Carbide Plunger
    0305-5209 Cylinder
    0305-4956 Plunger Seal (Polythene)
    0305-5206 Plunger Seal (Urethane)
    0305-5214 Body
    0305-52113 Urethane Sleeve
    0305-5211 Base 1-1/2" (Note: This is NPT Thread)
    0305-5215 Base 1-1/4" (Note: This is NPT Thread)
    0302-0795 Hex Bolt 3/8" x 4-3/8"
    0305-4506 Plug
    0305-5221 O-Ring
    0305-5213 Tungsten Sleeve
    0305-5210 Seat
    0305-0099 Repair Kit, Tungsten includes Tungsten Carbide Sleeve, O-Rings, Piston Seal, Tungsten Carbide Plunger, Plunger Seals, Seat, Cap Gasket
    0305-5298 Seals Kit, Tungsten includes O-Rings, Piston Seal, Plunger Seals, Seat and Cap Gasket

    Parts/Spares Breakdown Sheet

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