Nylon Hose Couplings

  • Genuine Clemco Nylon Hose Couplings and Rubbers
  • Lightweight and extremely tough
  • Provide you with the perfect seal
  • The original and the best - be aware of weak, fragile imitations
  • Ordering Details
    Part # Description
    0502-11395 Nylon Coupling (33mm OD Hose)
    0502-21088 Nylon Coupling (25 x 38mm OD Hose)
    0502-21711 No.2 Nylon Coupling (25 x 48mm OD Hose)
    0502-08413 No.2 Nylon Coupling (32 x 48mm OD Hose)
    0502-08414 No.3 Nylon Coupling (32 x 55mm OD Hose)
    0502-07714 No.4 Nylon Coupling (38 x 60mm OD Hose)
  • Technical Details

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