Graco Spray Gun Tips and Guards

  • Graco has developed a full-range of Tips and Guards to cover every application on the market today. See list below to order.
  • Ordering Details
    Part No Description
    243161 Graco Rac 5 Tip Guard 7/8"
    243263 Graco Rac 5 Tip Guard 11/16"
    XHD000 Graco Rac XHD Tip Guard
    246215 Graco LTX/Fine Finish Tip Guard
    243281 Graco Rac 5 One Seal Tip Gaskets (5 Pack)
    246453 Graco XHD One Seal Tip Gaskets (5 Pack)
    224081 Graco Rac 5 Solvent Seal Tip Gaskets (5 Pack)

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