AirPro Air Caps

  • To suit Graco AirPro General Metal Spray and High Wear Guns
  • Ordering Details
    Part No Description
    289773 Air Cap Kit 1.4mm (General Metal Spray)
    289784 Air Cap Kit 1.8mm (General Metal Spray)
    289068 Air Cap Kit 2.2mm (General Metal Spray)
    289069 Air Cap Kit 2.8mm (General Metal Spray)
    289773 Air Cap Kit 1.1mm/1.4mm (General Metal Spray - S/S Tip)
    289774 Air Cap Kit 1.8mm (General Metal Spray - S/S Tip)
    288861 Air Cap Kit 1.5mm (High Wear)
    289049 Air Cap Kit 1.8mm/2.2mm (High Wear)

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