Star Classic Needles/Nozzles

  • DeVilbiss offers a variety of replacement needles, nozzles, and tips, as well as assemblies and kits for your spray guns
  • These stainless steel pieces allow for precise spray so that you can continue to create flawless finishes
  • If you need to replace old pieces or just like having an assortment to spray different types of paint, then DeVilbiss has a replacement for you
  • Ordering Details
    Part No Description
    2303-2018 DeVilbiss ADV 1.8mm Nozzle (SP200S-18K)
    2303-7022 DeVilbiss ADV 2.2mm Nozzle (SP200S-22K)
    2303-2028 DeVilbiss ADV 2.8mm Nozzle (SP200S-28K)
    2102-0310 DeVilbiss ADV 1.8mm Needle (ADV31018K)
    2102-3102 DeVilbiss ADV 2.2mm Needle (ADV31022K)
    2102-3128 DeVilbiss ADV 2.8mm Needle (ADV31028K)

    DeVilbiss ADV Selection Guide

    Parts/Spares Breakdown Sheet

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