Clemco Wet Blast System

  • The Clemco Wetblast System is a high performance system that suppresses job site blasting dust like never before

  • Simple Operation - fill your blast machine with dry abrasive, fill the water tank (or connect to a standard municipal water supply), connect compressed air, adjust the metering valve, blast pressure and water pressure

  • Complete System includes The Flex Base Unit, Blast Hose, Holders and Couplings, Silicon Carbide Nozzle, Apollo 600 Respirator (with Air Conditioner, Breathing Air Filter, Respirator Hose, Outer and Intermediate Lenses), Leather Gloves, Trap Screens, Gaskets, Washers and Ties

  • Base Unit features the Flex Unit with operational pressure range of 50-120psi, a Low Pressure version is also available and two Injector Assemblies (one for the metering valve and the other at the nozzle)

  • The Wetblast Injector is an economical kit that provides wet-blasting technology to most conventional dry-blast machines

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