2 Litre Pot - Kits

  • Convenient size for small to intermediate job applications or where the product must be applied shortly after mixing
  • Supplied with air regulator, lightweight and heavy duty aluminium seamless pot construction
  • Includes Pot, Hose and Gun
  • Ordering Details
    Part No Description
    2403-0220 2 Litre Kit General (Pot/Hose/S770H)
    2403-0224 2 Litre Kit High Viscos (Pot/Hose/S770H-5)
    2403-0227 2 Litre Kit Pressure (Pot/Hose/S770-P)
    2403-0217 2 Litre Kit V3 (Pot/Hose/S2000F)
    2403-0277 2 Litre Pressure Pot & Hose

    Parts/Spares Breakdown Sheet

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