Vixen Aquablast 1215

  • Steel cabin with white wall rubber lining and LED lighting gives great visibility for the operator
  • Large opening side hinged door is fitted with a rubber bulb type seal and a slam shut door with a large chrome handle for operator ease.
  • Below the door is a drip tray to encourage any drips from the door when first opened to return to the sump
  • A moveable foot switch and good wiper and was adjustment make this machine ideal for production purposes
  • Effective applications include: cleaning of dyes and moulds; removal of paint, ruse, scale, carbon and similar deposits; surface preparation prior to bonding, re-painting and re-coating; satin finishing of stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and other metals; cleaning of PCB's and other electrical connects and removal of small burrs from manufactured components.
  • Ordering Details
    Part # Description
    1210-1215 Vixen 1215 Aquablast Cabinet

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  • Spare Parts
    Part # Description
    1219-0046 Armhole Gauntlets
    1219-1202 Armhole Gauntlets (Oval)
    1219-1203 Silicone Carbide Nozzle 12mm
    1219-1205 Boron Carbide Nozzle 12mm
    1219-1207 Stainless Steel Airjet 5mm
    1219-1208 Stainless Steel Airjet 6mm
    1219-1212 Hand Gun Complete
    1219-1213 Hand Pistol Rinse Gun
    1219-1214 Hand Gun Body & Retaining Ring
    1211-1216 Closed Loop rinse with heavy duty diaphragm pump
    1211-1234 View Window For Aquablast 1215
    1211-1236 Window Seal & Beading (per meter)
    1211-1237 Window Refit Tool
    1211-1242 Wiper Arm
    1211-1243 Wiper Blade
    1211-1261 Closed Loop Filter Roll
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