General Metal Spray Guns

  • The AirPro gun is ideal for metal parts fabricators and metal finishing shop operations requiring high quality paint jobs
  • Works well with a wide variety of industrial coatings: Urethanes, Epoxies, Latex, 2 component materials
  • Needle/nozzle sizes range from 0.020” up to 0.110” (0.5-2.8 mm)
  • Ordering Details

    General Metal Spray Guns - Conventional

    Part No Description
    288931 AirPro Gun 1.4mm (Conventional)
    288932 AirPro Gun 1.8mm (Conventional)
    288933 AirPro Gun 2.2mm (Conventional)
    288934 AirPro Gun 2.8mm (Conventional)

    General Metal Spray Guns - HVLP

    Part No Description
    288938 AirPro Gun 1.4mm (HVLP)
    288939 AirPro Gun 1.8mm (HVLP)
    288940 AirPro Gun 2.2mm (HVLP)
    288941 AirPro Gun 2.8mm (HVLP)

    General Metal Spray Guns - Compliant

    Part No Description
    288945 AirPro Gun 1.4mm (Compliant)
    288946 AirPro Gun 1.8mm (Compliant)
    288947 AirPro Gun 2.2mm (Compliant)
    288948 AirPro Gun 2.8mm (Compliant)

    Graco AirPro Selection Guide

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